Founded in March 2012, Blackspine® Publishing Private Limited, an independent publishing house with the objective of acquiring ‘ Wisdom Through Knowledge ’.

Blackspine® focuses both in Fiction and Non-Fiction category. We invite authors from across the globe to be associated with us. They can contact us directly for publishing their work with detailed synopsis.

Blackspine® has been known for its speed and reliability. It has built up mechanism and capacity to develop and publish titles in less than a fortnight. The editorial and development teams have nurtured their capacity to work sleepless hours and manage multiple projects with their tight deadlines. However, on an average, like any other international and reputed publishers, Blackspine® too demands anywhere from 90 to 180 days to publish.
Blackspine® is known for its strong fiction and non-fiction category. Under General Books we publish Fiction, Non-fiction, Young Adult, Self-Help, Health & Fitness, Spirituality, Poetry and Children’s books.
Blackspine® assists budding/ debut authors to get their work published in the most effortless manner. Blackspine® supports it’s authors to get the best treatment with focused marketing and sales approach in establishing their name in the market.

Blackspine® aims at securing the most widely, sincere, honest and known publishers in the globe. We ensure a wider distribution of books through our online and traditional distribution networks. We believe in the theory of ‘People Buy What They See’ and we make sure to get proper display space at leading bookstores( both offline and online) and help authors to showcase their work.

Blackspine® has offices in India (New Delhi, Greater Noida, Kolkata, Ranchi, Puralia & Bangalore) and representative office in US (New York) and UK (London). It operates around the world in association with International channel partners.