We invite Authors to send their manuscripts for consideration of publication with Blackspine Publishing Private Limited. We are transparent and to offer personalized attention to our Authors from the concept stage to the final book.

If you have recently written or are planning to write, then we would like to hear from you. Our editorial team would be glad to contact you and discuss the project further with you. Please go through submission guidelines and fill the manuscript evaluation form. you shall hear from us within 7 days.

Submission Guidelines

We have introduced a smooth manuscript evaluation procedure to ensure quick decision.

We believe that in any association bonding has to be robust that by the time the book is published, the author becomes an integral part of Blackspine®.

We simply believe that publishing a general book is like producing a movie , where author plays the role of scriptwriter and publisher does remaining jobs. We share the progress report of their work either pre or post print.

We request author to fill Manuscript Evaluation Form and submit or send it via email to our publisher This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We accept copyright free content owned by authors.

We ask authors to submit their brief introduction, share their profile with detailed synopsis and a few chapters (approx.7,000 words) to evaluate their work and create our interest before taking it to the next phase.

All submissions should be typedup using legible font in a softcopy.
Please ensure that the author’s name and contact information are clearly stated on the first page of the submission. You can email to publisher This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mention something about you and your achievements, your network etc.

Please share market audience with age bracket for your book.

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In the selection procedure of work there are no set rules. The attempt here is to ensure the risk on each project is minimised. Based on information provided by you as an author, we make a decision on acceptance and take the project to the next level of discussion.

On acceptance we sign an agreement with author/s.

Please also note that Manuscripts will not be returned to the authors, irrespective of the outcome of the review process. Make sure that you retain a copy of your work. Blackspine® Publishing Private Limited is not responsible for any loss or damage of submitted work.
Please allow at least 8 weeks time for your manuscript to be considered. If you haven’t heard from us in 8 weeks and wish to enquire about your manuscript, please email us a query.


If You have earlier published book, then please mention publisher /ISBN and sales numbers