15 April 2024
15 April 2024
15 April 2024
15 April 2024

About School Books

Founded in March 2012, Blackspine® Publishing Private Limited, an independent publish-ing house with the objective of acquiring ‘ Wisdom Through Knowledge ’, has always sought to publish something unique to empower students in Nation building. The core manage-ment team has launched value based educational books for students inculcating value sys-tem in the course of their learning.

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Book Name: My Sphere-EVS Class 5
ISBN: 978-93-86377-75-3
Pages: 180
Price: Rs: 265.00

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About Book: EVS Book

My Sphere is a series on Environmental Studies by Blackspine, designed for classes 1-8, and aims at helping children understand the complex systems of the natural world and the effects of human actions upon it. The series details concepts in an easy to follow pedagogy for children to understand the various aspects of the environment. Further, the various activities and exercises encourage independent thought and action in line with our responsibilities towards the environment.
The salient features of the series are –

    • Pedagogy that is easy to understand and follow
    • Exercises that enable retention and recall by encouraging critical thinking
    • Child-friendly language and lively illustrations
    • Interactive approach to enable children to participate in the learning process
    • Activities that enhance observation skills and encourage practical learning
    Additional Resources
    • Teacher’s Manual
    • Answer Keys