04 March 2024
04 March 2024
04 March 2024
04 March 2024

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Founded in March 2012, Blackspine® Publishing Private Limited, an independent publish-ing house with the objective of acquiring ‘ Wisdom Through Knowledge ’, has always sought to publish something unique to empower students in Nation building. The core manage-ment team has launched value based educational books for students inculcating value sys-tem in the course of their learning.

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Book Name: English Crammer 5
ISBN: 978-93-86377-98-2
SEGMENT: Primary
Price: Rs.265.00

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About Book:English Crammer 5

CRAMMER is a practice series on English Grammar for levels 1 to 5. The practice book is specially written to help learners reinforce the grammar concepts learnt in the course books, and apply that understanding to practice, and evaluate learning. Crammer focuses on a streamlined practice of the fundamentls of English grammar. With its easy-to-practice format, Crammer is the perfect self study workbook, course supplement, or handy reference.

The salient features are:

  • Clear Explanation and examples of the key structures of English grammar
  • Activities and notes that helps recall of grammar basics learned previously
  • Highlighting correct usage and exceptions
  • Differentiated exercises catering to diverse learning abilities within the same grade level
  • Varied activities engaging learners and providing opportunities to apply understanding
  • Flexible approach that offers the options of guided or independent evaluation