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Waiting For Gulmuhar To Bloom

Book Name: Waiting for the Gulmuhar to Bloom
ISBN: 978-93-86377-01-2
Pages: 130
Price: Rs. 325.00

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About the Author: Ms Archana Datta is a former member of the Indian Civil Services. She had been the heads of the information and broadcast wings of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting of India. She was the Director General of All India Radio and Doordarshan. She has also been the OSD to the Governor of Karnataka and the Press Secretary to the President of India.

About the Book:The book is a confessional blog where the author pours forth her sentiments - desires, fears, agonies and anxieties. They together form a single poetic outburst from a heart simultaneously enchanted and disenchanted with the world and tantalized by love, caught desperately between longing and frustration. The Gulmohur tree becomes the symbol of this contradictory experience of existence where winter and spring play hide-and-seek.

Author Spotlight

Chandini Santosh

Chandini Santosh

Chandini Santosh is a novelist, poet and painter. She has three solo collections of poetry and two painting exhibitions to her credit. Her short story, ‘The Day of Sacrifice’ was selected for the ELLE Random House Fiction Prize 2013.
Her debut novel, ‘The House of Oracles’ was published in 2016.

‘Mohit learns the startling secret of his birth at his father’s deathbed. It will change the course of his life, while taking him to that chilling winter of Bhopal, when a poisonous gas had leaked to claim many innocent lives.
The only clue that will lead him to his mother is a black & white photograph of a beautiful woman, with her name scrawled at the back. Mohit’s girlfriend, the vivacious Pia Shanbhag joins him in the search, for, she truly feels that a woman can only be smoked out by another woman.
Searching for Durga Sabyasachi is the spellbinding story of his search to get at the roots of his birth and identity. Deeply compelling, and engrossing, the story hurtles to an unexpected and shattering climax.

Book Review : The House of Oracles – Chandini Santosh

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